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Our mission at Love through Loss  is to provide unwavering support and connection to families navigating the profound and heart-wrenching journey of baby loss.


We foster a nurturing environment through peer-to-peer support communities, creating links to collaborative maternal and perinatal mental health resources, promoting overall well-being in our community.

We are committed to educating hospitals and healthcare staff to ensure compassionate care and guidance during the most challenging moments of family bereavement. By doing so, we aim to provide solace and strength to those facing unimaginable loss.

In addition to our support initiatives, we actively raise awareness through key events that spark meaningful conversations within our community and increase visibility around the often-silenced topic of baby loss.


Together, we strive to bring comfort, understanding, and hope to those who have experienced the devastating loss of a child.

Based in the UAE but supporting a wider global babyloss community, this group serves to support and connect families through the loss of a baby from conception to infancy including IVF loss, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, TFMR, Stillbirth, neonatal death, SIDS, SUDC and terminal illness.

We aim to bring stories, lives, loves and losses, seen and unseen including those who may have received our “Love Through Loss Memory Box”, no matter where in the world they are, into the conversation so that no parent need walk through grief alone.

Our ethos aims to be a community standing together in open conversation about the harder areas of conception, pregnancy and parenting and support all those who have, are or will experience or identify with a loss in any one of these areas and help them feel seen, heard, validated and supported.

There is no ‘better’ time to lose a baby. No ‘at least’ that is helpful. No placations that can soothe and no descriptor ample to describe the grief.

An unsuccessful embryo transfer is a loss.

A chemical pregnancy is a loss.

A blighted ovum is a loss.

An ectopic pregnancy is a loss.

A molar pregnancy is a loss.

Vanishing twin syndrome is a loss.

A missed miscarriage is a loss.

A miscarriage at any stage is a loss.

TFMR is baby loss.

Any loss of your baby through excruciating choice, devastating circumstances beyond your control, whether anticipated, surprise, quick, drawn out, today or years ago, during pregnancy, labour, birth or beyond....if you are grieving a loss, we are a community that recognise and are here for you. We hope you can find this a safe space to talk about your experience and your baby and access support, signposting and advice in our community of love through loss.

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